Youth for a


This is a student-directed group aimed at bringing awareness to the student body and community about social and environmental justice issues. Perry Rath is the sponsor teacher who provides guidance and support for assisting students manage a combination of fundraising, education and activities. We have been involved with local, national and international issues. Sometimes we work in conjunction with established NGOs (World Vision, Oxfam, One Sky), and other times we take on our own research and initiatives.

Gay Straight


This is a group of students who support equality of diverse expressions of gender and sexual-orientation. We are an inclusive group regardless of one’s orientation and seek to create a safe environment in the school free of homophobic bullying and intimidation. We post educational information on our bulletin board and help observe key days in support of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Two-Spirited, Queer/Questioning) awareness, as well as provide a comfortable forum for dialogue. These are sensitive issues in a youth’s life, and also part of honouring basic human rights. Perry Rath is the sponsor teacher.